Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Journalists got it wrong

Really, really wrong¬†and I enjoyed reading the Sunday papers today seeing how journalists tried to show that actually, they hadn’t. Few said “mea culpa.” Journalists are mostly paid for their opinions and analysis. News we can get from Twitter – journalists are supposed to add insight. It is accepted that most will have an agenda […]

The mythical skills gap

TechNorth believes there is a shortage of IT skills in the north of England. Companies may have problems in some very specific areas and there are various reasons for this, but any company that is unable to fill the majority of its requirements for technical talent has only itself to blame. I have built large […]

Trident and Jeremy Corbyn

Trident is a short-hand for “the UK’s nuclear capability”. This post discusses it in relation to the UK General Election on 8-Jun-2017 and in particular to the comments raised against Jeremy Corbyn the @BBCqt interviews on Friday 2-Jun. Since Trident was first introduced the world has changed. Russia is (probably) a much-diminshed threat to European […]