Monthly Archives: May 2016

Toss a coin – Brexit or Bremain?

I think that I may be tossing a coin as I enter the polling booth. The arguments presented by both sides are poor – we should have a much more sensible debate but we have the politicians and press that we deserve so, as my mother told me “don’t expect much and you won’t be […]

The Digital Powerhouse – Poverty of Ambition

I have just read the “(Northern) Digital Powerhouse” report which is quite excellent in parts and sets out the vision for a digital-led (influenced) transformation of the economy of the North of England over the next 10 years. It complements my recent critique of the “Northern Powerhouse“. Sensibly, the Digital Powerhouse report refrains from taking […]

The Northern Powerhouse – the reality

I see people jumping on the Northern Powerhouse ¬†bandwagon without really thinking through what we need. The Northern Powerhouse is based around HS2 and HS3. HS2 is not needed (for reasons I shall not go into here). HS3 is largely impractical and is also not needed – the city centres are too close to each […]