Monthly Archives: September 2013

Life’s First Lesson

I distinctly remember my mother saying to me when I was about 14 “You’re big enough and ugly enough to look after yourself”. OK, I was over 6 foot, a bit scrawny but I didn’t really regard myself as ugly. I had failed the 11+ and ended up at a secondary modern school in Winchester. […]

Boomerang Books

I don’t know how many books we have in out house – certainly 6000+. We have about 250 ft of bookshelf space, most of it double banked (i.e 2 deep), so at an average of 1inch per book that would equate to around 6000, and that excludes bedside cabinets and in the loos (the SAS […]

Using AI to optimise your Shopping Experience

Some time ago my company was commissioned by one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK to model checkout queues with a view to optimizing the customer experience. The traditional way of doing this was to use mathematics (Monte Carlo etc.) but we added “rules” and we came up with some very interesting results. […]