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Jews are Christ Killers

We were taught that in RE at school! Just as Protestants were probably taught to hate Catholics and vice-versa. Good Friday is a good time to reflect on religious hatred. I rejected all religon at an early age and so can be a dispassionate observer of the trouble religious conflicts have caused. Religion is at […]

How I was nearly elected as a Tory MP

Born with natural advantages – I went to school at Winchester – I was lucky enough to be able to have squirreled-away enough money to found an Artificial Intelligence company in my early 30’s and to move to a lovely village in West Hampshire. This was 1986 – peak Thatcher era. Like many rural communities, […]

When you are in a hole – stop digging!

Generally sensible advice – if only politicians would listen. Ken Livingstone should take heed and so should Jeremy Corbyn. The transcript of Ken Livingstone’s original comments in the Independent is worth reading. I make the point that much history is opinion – unlike scientific subjects, history is an opinion subject. There is a lot we do […]

Do not fool yourself

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool” (Richard Feynman) Several of our northern universites have excellent Computer Science departments; we have lots of aspiring entrepreneurs, workspaces and hubs a plenty and whilst the tech scene is a lot better than it was 20 […]

Does it really matter?

I used to have high blood pressure but then, talking to a very wise friend, I found a very simple technique to lower it. Medications are not the answer. The problem with medications is that they tend to have side-effects and interactions with other medications. So, in addition to having a healthy lifestyle, what other things […]

The Asbestos Legacy

In 1972, as part of my Chemistry degreee I had a one-year internship at British Belting and Asbestos (BBA) in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. BBA’s main product was brake and clutch linings (Mintex). By that time the dangers of asbestos had been recognised but it was still in common usage, the main focus being keeping down […]

Another lesson – Bob Dylan

The first LP I bought (age 12) was Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence”. The orange inner sleeve featured other CBS artists, and influenced by that (advertising!) the third LP I bought was Bob Dylan’s “Highway 61”. It impacted my life. I was never a Beatles fan. I always preferred the Rolling Stones (these were […]