“Russia is a riddle wrapped inside a mystery inside an enigma” said Churchill. In the early 1980s I lived next to Greenham Common airbase, secure in the knowledge that if a nuclear war broke out (and at times it seemed possible) all my young family would die. I was primarily working in defence, so if […]

Has been brewing for many years and should come as no surprise to retailers, local authorities, property companies and central government – all of which are now wailing and gnashing their teeth. Apart from food shopping I seldom go into shops. I was an early internet shopper, have advised retailers on ecommerce and live in […]

Reports that Macclesfield has the highest number of empty shops in Cheshire should come as no surprise to the council. It was told 5 years ago that the proposed Wilson Bowden /Debenhams scheme, making Macclesfield a “shopping destination” would fail, as, most probably,  will the resurrected scheme based around a cinema. The likely closure of […]

We found that out in 1939. Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler. He kept giving in to Hitler’s demands – the more he gave in, the more Hitler wanted. We have a similar situation now with the “weaponisation” of antisemitism against Labour. Antisemitism is a complex thing but at its heart it is very simple. What […]

We were taught that in RE at school! Just as Protestants were probably taught to hate Catholics and vice-versa. Good Friday is a good time to reflect on religious hatred. I rejected all religon at an early age and so can be a dispassionate observer of the trouble religious conflicts have caused. Religion is at […]

In response to @owenjones84 piece in the @guardian 4-Jan First – the referendum was only advisory. Parliament is sovereign – two-thirds of MPs opposed Brexit and a promise from a Cameron government does not bind any future government. The “will of the people” argument is nonsense. My constituency voted Remain but our MP is now […]

Uber claims to support 40,000 “jobs”. Let’s examine this. 40,000 jobs generating the minimum wage (£7.50 per hour) – 35 hours per week 52 weeks per year would generate revenues for Uber of £546m p.a. They were estimated to be £115m (see footnote). OK, the above numbers may be out a bit but not by […]