Some rifts can be healed – others can’t. We have two rifts that need to be addressed and it is beholden on all concerned to attempt conciliation if possible. The first rift is between the Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith factions and the second, which impacts all political parties, is between the Brexit and Remain […]

An article by @hwallop in “The Times” magazine today (13-Aug-2016) describes how he tried to make a living in the gig economy – mainly working for “Deliveroo”. Various gig companies held out attractive options; he was told that he could earn £15 per hour (he couldn’t) by a number of other gig or “sharing” economy […]

Or, a Grammar School? I went to both so I can therefore claim to have a fairly rare perspective on secondary education in the 1960’s. I failed my 11+ in 1964 and went to Romsey Road Secondary Modern School in Winchester (I know, Winchester even then was a nice place to live but it did have […]

Owen is espousing a set of policies that are almost as socialist as those promoted by Jeremy. The @LabourCoup PLP members are mostly to the right of the Labour party, I shall not call them Blairites, but their actions – their voting records – speak for themselves. Most of them voted to abstain on the […]

Owen Jones (a journalist – not to be confused with Owen Smith) wrote a thought provoking and honest piece – that I have commented-on and responded to below. Dear Owen, As a preamble, I note that you are “of the milieu” one of the Westminster bubble and perhaps a perspective from someone who is […]

Mrs May has ruled-out a snap election but the ruling today (confirming Jeremy on the ballot) still leaves Labour with a self-inflicted open wound that needs healing – and quickly. It is in all of our interests that this healing happens. In laying-out his policies, Owen has shown that he is on the left, close […]

The sneering political commentariat who seldom venture north of Watford fail to understand some of the reasons why Jez has such a dedicated band of followers. First, he has a degree of integrity that is unusual in politicians. Just look at how many “Remainers” in Mrs May’s cabinet are now enthusiastically(?) supporting Brexit – few […]


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