On 1-Mar-2017 the government announced a Digital Strategy. At best it was a woolly document, stringing together some initiatives that are already underway with expressions of hope. I was unable to find a clear indication of any additional funding. I recently came across Richard Feynman’s “Do not fool yourself” comment which is very apt for […]

In today’s (26-Feb-2017) Observer Sonia Sodha (@soniasodha) writes an excellent piece about why UK universities are failing at the undergraduate level. The article makes the point that two thirds of graduates feel that their degree did not represent value for money. Think about it – that is quite an appalling inditement. Several of my posts […]

Groupthink is a known theory that manifests itself in both the public and private sectors. The emperor has no clothes is a good example – as is the Northern Powerhouse. The discrepancy in wealth and living standards between the North and South in the UK (and also between the South East and Cornwall, Wales) is […]

Well that is the hope according to The Sunday Times (19-Feb-2017). I suspect that getting Uber or Google to invest in HS2 is wishful thinking on HMGs part but combining rail and local transport is a good idea and one that I have been proposing for some time. I cannot take credit though; the best thinking […]

This essay is one of several on the Northern Powerhouse. It uses Bradford as an illustration but the points below apply equally to many of the post-industrial medium sized towns in the north – Preston, Bolton, Huddersfield, Hull, Sunderland, Stoke etc. The Northern Powerhouse is centred around HS2/3 which are not needed. The recently announced […]

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool” (Richard Feynman) Several of our northern universites have excellent Computer Science departments; we have lots of aspiring entrepreneurs, workspaces and hubs a plenty and whilst the tech scene is a lot better than it was 20 […]

Seven months after the referendum we now have some clarity as to what Brexit will look like – a “hard Brexit”. After Mrs May’s speech at Lancaster House the “race to the bottom” that Jeremy Corbyn’s warned of, is on. Workers already hit by austerity can expect no rise in living standards for many years. […]