In response to @owenjones84 piece in the @guardian 4-Jan First – the referendum was only advisory. Parliament is sovereign – two-thirds of MPs opposed Brexit and a promise from a Cameron government does not bind any future government. The “will of the people” argument is nonsense. My constituency voted Remain but our MP is now […]

Uber claims to support 40,000 “jobs”. Let’s examine this. 40,000 jobs generating the minimum wage (£7.50 per hour) – 35 hours per week 52 weeks per year would generate revenues for Uber of £546m p.a. They were estimated to be £115m (see footnote). OK, the above numbers may be out a bit but not by […]

Born with natural advantages – I went to school at Winchester – I was lucky enough to be able to have squirreled-away enough money to found an Artificial Intelligence company in my early 30’s and to move to a lovely village in West Hampshire. This was 1986 – peak Thatcher era. Like many rural communities, […]

This article was written in response to David Allen Green who, is surely one of the most interesting commentators on Brexit, certainly a lot better than those employed by the Daily Express. Labour will (eventually) oppose Brexit for the three very good reasons that (1) it only supported it in the first place due to […]

I was asked to read this report by IPPR. Apart from the title, which is now rather broken, it is worth a considered read. The north is broken – anyone who lives here knows that it is a great place but it has problems. The IPPR report itself has two problems 1     It […]

Is what most people want. It is why the car is so popular (and bicycle). The convenience, the end-to-end journey time and comfort are other factors. Many households have multiple cars (we reached 5). But suppose that instead of owning a car you had a car available on demand? You sometimes do, it is called […]

Good – now let’s start again. It was ill-conceived at the start and yesterday (9-Jul) The Sunday Times confirmed that the Northern Powerhouse is dead. We need to go back to first principles and get it right second-time around. George Osborne promoted it as a way to get the north behind HS2. HS2 is fundamentally […]