Mrs May snuck in to become Prime Minister. Few put her in the running – many people, myself included, reasoned that the weakness and incompetence that she demonstrated as Home Secretary would rule her out. Instead we now have ‘Strong and Stable” May who will aim to bring net immigration into the “tens of thousands” […]

Brexit will dominate the 2017 General Election. There is no hiding from this fact. The collapse of Ukip in the local elections should be no surprise to anyone since Ukip voters are mainly racists who support Brexit. The Conservatives are heading for a “Hard Brexit” – withdrawal from a tariff-free EU, reduced immigration and worker’s […]

Could cost Labour a huge amount of money. Any judge reading the Independent transcripts will almost certainly conclude that Ken Livingstone’s comments were (as he claimed) based on historical events – the Nazi’s and Zonists both wanted jews out of Germany. If this goes to a proper court the legal costs and damages against Labour […]

Generally sensible advice – if only politicians would listen. Ken Livingstone should take heed and so should Jeremy Corbyn. The transcript of Ken Livingstone’s original comments in the Independent is worth reading. I make the point that much history is opinion – unlike scientific subjects, history is an opinion subject. There is a lot we do […]

On 1-Mar-2017 the government announced a Digital Strategy. At best it was a woolly document, stringing together some initiatives that are already underway with expressions of hope. I was unable to find a clear indication of any additional funding. I recently came across Richard Feynman’s “Do not fool yourself” comment which is very apt for […]

In today’s (26-Feb-2017) Observer Sonia Sodha (@soniasodha) writes an excellent piece about why UK universities are failing at the undergraduate level. The article makes the point that two thirds of graduates feel that their degree did not represent value for money. Think about it – that is quite an appalling inditement. Several of my posts […]

Groupthink is a known theory that manifests itself in both the public and private sectors. The emperor has no clothes is a good example – as is the Northern Powerhouse. The discrepancy in wealth and living standards between the North and South in the UK (and also between the South East and Cornwall, Wales) is […]