Monthly Archives: July 2016

Now is the time for some healing

Mrs May has ruled-out a snap election but the ruling today (confirming Jeremy on the ballot) still leaves Labour with a self-inflicted open wound that needs healing – and quickly. It is in all of our interests that this healing happens. In laying-out his policies, Owen has shown that he is on the left, close […]

What they don’t get about Jeremy Corbyn

The sneering political commentariat who seldom venture north of Watford fail to understand some of the reasons why Jez has such a dedicated band of followers. First, he has a degree of integrity that is unusual in politicians. Just look at how many “Remainers” in Mrs May’s cabinet are now enthusiastically(?) supporting Brexit – few […]

Vanity Projects

Governments are very good at them. The aircraft carriers that will have no aircraft (at least not for a long time, and when they do get them they will not be fit for purpose), Destroyers that do not work in warm water, HS2 etc. In the case of HS2, see Simon Jenkin’s article on fast […]

Does your MP have any integrity – a test?

The last few days should be a lesson in the lack of integrity exhibited by many MPs.¬†Integrity should be an important characteristic for any holder of public (or private) office but here a simple test to apply. The Brexit vote fairly evenly divided the UK. Nearly 75% of MPs backed Remain so that means that […]