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Help me feed children during the holidays

In the UK child poverty is running at 20%. This is totally unacceptable in 2019. During term time school children from disadvantaged families receive free school meals – but they get nothing during the holidays, The schools are mostly not interested in holiday hunger – they are struggling to cope during term time. However, the […]

Antisemitism is the wrong word – use Judenhass

Using language precisely is important (1) and antisemitism/antisemitic are poor terms that can, and have, led to serious misunderstandings. I faced the problem when trying to understand how the UK Labour Party could be antisemitic. I had to do a lot of historic research and try and steer a path through peoples’ strongly held opinions. […]

Have I now become antisemitic

I have followed the row in the UK Labour Party for the past three years and had to understand what antisemitism is and if/why it is a problem. First, I had to educate myself about antisemitism – not being Jewish I have never been on the receiving end of it. I have a pretty good […]


#Wearefailing is to help failing towns. There is no single answer to our failing town centres; each town is different and needs a different set of solutions but one thing I have learnt from my 20+ year “troubleshooting” career, is that until an organization recognizes that it has a problem, gets it out-on-the-table and takes […]

Working From Home

Working From Home (WFH) enables those who are fortunate enough to have the option a much better lifestyle. Some can already WFH 5 days a week but with vastly improved Internet connections, WFH 3-4 days a week is increasingly possible for many. Most organizations still have their offices in and around major cities but if […]


“Russia is a riddle wrapped inside a mystery inside an enigma” said Churchill. In the early 1980s I lived next to Greenham Common airbase, secure in the knowledge that if a nuclear war broke out (and at times it seemed possible) all my young family would die. I was primarily working in defence, so if […]

The Retail Crisis

Has been brewing for many years and should come as no surprise to retailers, local authorities, property companies and central government – all of which are now wailing and gnashing their teeth. Apart from food shopping I seldom go into shops. I was an early internet shopper, have advised retailers on ecommerce and live in […]