Monthly Archives: April 2017

It IS all about Brexit!

Brexit will dominate the 2017 General Election. There is no hiding from this fact. The collapse of Ukip in the local elections should be no surprise to anyone since Ukip voters are mainly racists who support Brexit. The Conservatives are heading for a “Hard Brexit” – withdrawal from a tariff-free EU, reduced immigration and worker’s […]

The Livingstone Affair

Could cost Labour a huge amount of money. Any judge reading the Independent transcripts will almost certainly conclude that Ken Livingstone’s comments were (as he claimed) based on historical events – the Nazi’s and Zionists both wanted jews out of Germany. If this goes to a proper court the legal costs and damages against Labour […]

When you are in a hole – stop digging!

Generally sensible advice – if only politicians would listen. Ken Livingstone should take heed and so should Jeremy Corbyn. The transcript of Ken Livingstone’s original comments in the Independent¬†is worth reading. I make the point that much history is opinion – unlike scientific subjects, history is an opinion subject. There is a lot we do […]